Famoux hates boredom as much as you do..


If your publics are a Monkey, we will make you the banana, and if audiences are a Dog, we will make you the bone. All we care about is selling you to the world and making sure you have the attention and acceptance of your target audience. We’ve got storytelling in our DNA, and we’ll love to give you a ride on the wings of our professionals across sectors; creatives, Researchers, data scientists, planners, and media strategists, to deliver high impact solutions in ensuring you remain relevant and stay newsworthy leveraging experience, innovative ideas, and personalized attention.










not like the rest

 We are a collective of trend-spotters, pop culture geeks, envelope-pushers content creators, and marketing mavens in this modern age and dynamic PR world. Our team is progressive, pregnant with creative ideas, always up to date, and always giving ears to your desires.


beyond marketing

Marketing is not just a vacuum; it grows steadily year-over-year, requesting innovations and qualified hand to stay on top of the game. Whether its content or digital marketing, we got you!


we’re kind of fun

While we do our Work, You Have more time to achieve your goals. We’ll enjoy success more if we are having fun along the way to provide our clients with many creative ideas and the best service possible. We ensure that “fun” is part of everything we do.